1. Encourage the athlete to have good sportsmanship and pride in his/her abilities

  2. Provide a fun environment that challenges the young athlete to be the best they can be
  3. Influence character development by emphasizing good work ethic and positive attitudes
  4. Enhance the overall fitness level of the athletes one steop at a time; while developing strength, agility, balance, flexibility and endurance
  5. Prepare the athelete to compete at the highest levels with aspiration to compete at the Jr. Olympic games
  6. Emphasize continual improvement and growth atheletically
  7. Provide safe & healthy environments for the team through the leadership of qualified adult coaches
  8. ​Provide an atmosphere that encourages parent and family involvement

To prepare interested young Olympians for national competition & allow them to experience the rewards & excitement of track & field.

Cool Breeze Track Club


Everyone Starts, Everyone Finishes!


Cool  Breeze Track Club

We welcome you to the Cool Breeze Track Club!  We are, first of all, a family oriented club that focuses not only in your athlete placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd but also on increasing your athlete's speed through our program of objective based training and competition. Speed is that factor that makes all other sports exciting and can give your athlete the edge in track (of course), tennis, football, basketball, soccer, etc.  We are looking forward to another exciting Speed-filled season!​


To teach rising young athletes fundamental techniques of track and field, help develop running strength, balance, agility, and endurance, and to improve individual performance through comprehensive training and instruction.


To prepare interested young Olympians for national competition and allow them to experience the rewards and excitement of track & field.​​​